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When the New York Times Visits Chicago State University.

UD doesn’t know who the NYT thinks it’s helping – or hurting? – by running this bizarre hard-luck story about the CSU women’s basketball team. Barely a team, losing every game, attracting no audience, representing a school that – through every fault of its own successive corrupt leaderships – has destroyed itself, this group of players deserves our sympathy. Indeed, it deserves our outrage. But ultimately it deserves to be put out of its misery, along with the virtually empty institution that fails even minimally to prop it up. Almost no one attends, or graduates, from CSU. This scandalous drop-out factory continues to cost the taxpayers of Illinois serious money, most of which goes to on-campus fraudsters and off-campus lawyers.

CSU (here are UD‘s posts over many years about the place) is a little corner of North Korea in America. It cannot afford to keep the heat on. It’s a desperate deadbeat. It will not talk to the press, and it chills the free speech of its professors. Crazy North Korea launches missiles; crazy CSU launches football teams and marching bands (yes – it has plans to spend its no-money on these).

But let’s suit up!

The announced crowd at Jones Convocation Center, a first-rate arena, was 230, but the atmosphere was expectant. Players and coaches on both teams and a number of fans wore pink to promote breast cancer awareness. Allen, the Cougars’ best player, had been cleared to return after the effects of a concussion subsided.

Look at the photos that accompany the article to understand how inflated that 230 figure is. Ask yourself why the writers of this piece are trying to excite us with the expectant atmosphere, the breast-cancer awareness, and that gutsy post-concussion return.

There’s nobody home. There’s only some well-meaning Manhattanite at her breakfast table, trying to make sense of this theater of the absurd.

The NYT should be ashamed of itself, playing CSU for a scrappy up-and-comer in order to help keep a failed, expensive, and deeply destructive institution alive.

Margaret Soltan, February 12, 2017 10:40AM
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3 Responses to “When the New York Times Visits Chicago State University.”

  1. wayward Says:

    Wow, and Illinois was just complaining about lackluster attendance at its women’s basketball games (which generally isn’t very good).

  2. charlie Says:

    i wonder if messrs. longman/berkman played competitive sports, but as someone who did, nothing is more demoralizing than having no one attend your contests. my hs football team played at the old kezar stadium in san francisco, which seated over 60k. we were terrible, so much so, that only a handful of people would show up for our day games. parents had to work, students had better things to do, and winos spent their time roaming the stands looking for cigarette butts.

    seeing that nyt image of a csu bball crowd that would fit in my pantry tells me that there is no hope for csu’s athletic department. no point even showing up if nobody cares….

  3. theprofessor Says:

    We have many women’s games with “crowds” of under 150 in a 10000 seat arena.

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