If you read UD, you saw Trustee Al “So-Called Victims” Lord coming way back. We covered his campaign for trustee here, paying special attention to his campaign statement (“Wife of 48 years, Suzanne, received her Penn State PHT (Putting Hubby Through) in 1967.”) and his platform:

Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno created the healthy alliance of academics and athletics. Penn State wins national championships in several sports and graduates America’s best prepared students. Our Trustees and Louis Freeh see a different Penn State.

I seek a seat on the PSU Board of Trustees because I can no longer watch the willful, cowardly destruction of our Penn State. “Freeh’s facts” are incomplete, selective, and largely unconvincing. Freeh’s report destroyed our past; left unchallenged it will diminish the future.

I don’t want you to think that our Lord is the only Lord. University BOTs across the nation worship these Big Men and their big talk and big guns and big fights and big business brains. UD spends a good bit of time following trustees who try to smuggle guns into the United States Senate, run pill mills, run the whole university including the sports program, use seven hundred dollars of the school’s money to buy liquor in order to get through one board meeting (I’m talking about one single trustee here), trap and kill “multiple federally protected migratory hawks,” assault the university’s football coach while in court giving a deposition, etc etc etc. Read my Trustees Trashing the Place category for details on these and so many other cases.

Admittedly much of the trustee thing is about appointing rich miscreants and then there’s the waiting game: Will Steve Cohen give us a little of his ten billion dollar personal fortune before the SEC catches up with him…? Or do we risk our reputation on his doing jail time? Bernie Madoff and Ezra Merkin seem to be pumping major bucks into the school, but there are rumblings…

And while our Lord does have a rather shabby financial past you have to go WAY past shabby to lose a seat on a BOT that wants your money.

Anyway. It would all be rather embarrassing if Penn State were capable of feeling embarrassment.


UD thanks Wendy.

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