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‘Using Laptops in Class Harms Academic Performance, Study Warns’

What a shocker!

This is around the twentieth study to yield results like these.


The real question now is: Why will most professors – assuming they bother to find out these results – not get rid of laptops?

And the answer is easy: Most of them are afraid to. No telling how students will respond.

And the rest of the professors? Laptops make their teaching lives ever so much easier. Life is beautiful when no one’s listening. Many such teachers compound the loveliness by using PowerPoint throughout the class, thus creating what UD calls The Morgue Classroom. They just need to stand there reading words out loud while students watch football games. A nice quiet workable twice weekly experience.

Margaret Soltan, April 3, 2017 9:41PM
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3 Responses to “‘Using Laptops in Class Harms Academic Performance, Study Warns’”

  1. charlie Says:

    sorta of a soviet style university. you pretend to teach us and we pretend to learn. we all know how that ended…..

  2. dmf Says:

    indeed charlie, employers are finding it hard to find employees who don’t check out in/at work as they have been socialized to do in lectures.

  3. dmf Says:

    “slow” education, sadly likely to be a boutique movement like slow food.

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