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But ol’ Buddy ol’ pal — echt Wacoan, echt Baylor trustee, echt pious hypocrite (“[Ken] Starr … chronicled frustration with Jones in a recent book. Starr almost resigned in 2011 after Jones made a crude remark about the Baylor Alumni Association at a Baylor football game…”) — inexplicably restricted himself to calling female Baylor students who drank at a party (none, apparently, were underage) “perverted little tarts.”

Then-Baylor University Regent Neal “Buddy” Jones referred to female students he suspected of drinking alcohol as “perverted little tarts,” “very bad apples,” “insidious and inbred” and “the vilest and most despicable of girls” in 2009 emails to a faculty adviser, according to documents filed in a Title IX lawsuit against the university.

Ten alleged sexual assault victims suing Baylor attached the emails in a Friday legal filing to show a culture “using the alcohol policy as a pretext to shame, silence and threaten to expel a female student.”

Cunt and tart are both monosyllabic, and both end in T, but if you want to be president of the United States, not just a former Baylor trustee and current national laughingstock, you’re going to have to go all the way, like Mr. Trump.


Buddy Jones – Bobby Lowder reincarnate – is Baylor. Know what I mean? You wanna know the deep structure, the god’s own truth, of a university, you take a good look at Buddy Jones, moral scold, sexist pig, and his state’s third-biggest water hog. Just like Ken Starr, he’s a walking talking religious hypocrisy doll; and boy do he sure hate women.

Buddy ain’t too bright when it comes to committing his thoughts to email. I mean, he knows enough to ask his correspondents to keep the emails private, but he doesn’t seem to understand the unlikelihood of this approach to privacy working.

In the 2009 correspondence, Jones also asked Davis to remove his name and comments from the email and wrote that his comments “are meant solely for you,” adding that at least one of the women should face expulsion.

Davis responded to Jones that day, saying the photos chronicling an engagement party did not include minors.


So here comes all that correspondence for all of us to read – onaccounta oodles of never-ending Baylor rape trials and their evidence – and we get a good look at what we already knew: Southern sports factories are typically run by endless layers of assholes. The management structure of these schools is like that dim sum dish, thousand layer cake, only here it’s thousand layer assholes. Art Briles, Ken Starr, Buddy Jones – a whole royal asshole family ran Baylor, and now the place is trying to replace them with less assholery, but we’ve got a tradition here, people.


For earlier posts on the asshole triumvirate, go here.



(sing it with me)

Perverted Little Tarts!
Perverted Little Tarts!
Drunk and slutty through the years
Seducing with their arts!
They tempt our jocks and bring them low
Then claim that they were raped
Lord guide us as we courtward go
And pray that nothing got taped.

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5 Responses to “Hell, if he’d only upgraded to calling them cunts, he’d be president today.”

  1. JND Says:


    At her request, we sang “That Good Old Baylor Line” at my grandmother’s funeral in 2005! I glad she didn’t live to see the current lunacy.

    So — Jones was a District Attorney here in Texas? That goes a long, long way to explaining his behavior.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    JND: I’m curious as to why having been a Texas DA explains his behavior. Do tell.

    I was actually hesitant to travesty the Old Baylor Line song – there’s a sweetness to it. But – I’ve got a job to do…

  3. JND Says:

    Margaret: I haven’t had direct personal experience on the receiving end of an out-of-control Texas DA yet, thank God.

    On the other hand, taking into account the ones that I’ve known personally and the ones that I’ve observed in 63 years as a Texan, I can say with confidence that there is simply no adult supervision of them as a class. They do whatever the hell they want with impunity. Rogue cops occasionally are called to account. DA’s in Texas, practically speaking, never are.

    So Jones did whatever he wanted to whenever he wanted to for years, and everyone still kissed his ass. I’m not at all surprised that those same behaviors continued in his role as regent. When we read that he’s now an Austin lobbyist, we can be confident that he’s every bit the POS that the article implies he is.

    Note that the Baylor Alumni Association reappears here as scapegoat for Jones. Standing up to regents and administrators got the association thrown off campus and its building razed. No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    JND: I appreciate that background – thanks. And yes – I thought the scorched earth approach to the BAA was a bit over the top.

  5. University Diaries » Descend, O Spirits of Buddy Jones, Bobby Lowder, Ed Keller, and All Ye Good Ol’ Boosters of the Football South. Says:

    […] Baylor and Auburn and Oklahoma State and so many other powerhouses down there all got runnin the place a superbooster who jest cain’t help himself. He loves that team so much. He names his first-born after it. He plans to be buried on its fifty yard line. He takes over the board of trustees and bullies the president and jest runs with that ball, buying players and covering up rapes and arranging seven million dollar a year salaries for coaches — all of which accounts for the tremendous football dominance of those three schools plus so many other universities (howdy, Bama!) located in the Lower Jock belt. […]

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