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In honor of its last generation of leaders, Baylor has announced that it has changed both its mascot (a bear) and its motto (Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana).

New mascot is here.

New motto: Magnae Parvum Nuces Cerebrum (Big Nuts Small Brain)


UD thanks Dame Eleanor Hull for correcting her Latin.

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2 Responses to “Breaking News Out of Baylor University:”

  1. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    I think you mean “magnae parvum nuces cerebrum”, unless you’re intending to mock Baylor’s (lack of) Latinity. But I like the way it jumbles brain with nuts and leads with “magnae”, as both seem appropriate. You might prefer “magni parvum colei cerebrum,” to use a Latin slang term for English “nuts,” and because it feels a bit odd to have a feminine noun for such a very masculine body part. But perhaps that too was part of the point. You are so very attentive to precision in language in English that my full pedant mode may be dreadfully inappropriate.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dame Eleanor: Thank you! I knew the Latin couldn’t be quite right, and instead of trying to fix it myself, I waited for one of my erudite readers to fix it for me. You got there first. I’ve now corrected it as you suggest. Best, UD

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