“Perverted little tarts” revisited.

[O]ther emails by [Baylor University regent Buddy] Jones … show him calling the fiercely independent Baylor Alumni Association “terrorists” and enlisting BU administrators in devious schemes to break the BAA… [One wonders] if fellow regents … were aware of such [comments] in closed-door meetings — whether about “tarts” or “terrorists” — and why some might have chosen to tolerate such behavior, given [that] it strikes us as less than Christian, which is what Baylor is supposed to be all about. Indeed, the [Jones] emails attached to [a current] Title IX lawsuit [against Baylor] are from 2009 — and BU regents nonetheless elevated Jones to board chair in 2011.

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One Response to “How to Get Promoted to Chair of the Board of Trustees at Baylor University.”

  1. charlie Says:

    Some context. A Baylor basketball coach covers up the murder of one his players by a teammate. Athletic department functionaries and academic satraps interfere with investigations of sexual assault by football players. On top of all this, $266 million is dropped on a new stadium that almost guarantees that admins will do whatever they need to do so as to get a competitive team on the field, no matter the character of players.

    But Buddy’s kvetching that a few young women are taking a pop or two. Not the guys, just the gals. Reminds me of my grandma complaining that if girls didn’t wear a dress to Mass, then they had low character and god would be offended….

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