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Caretaker! take care, for we run in straits.
Daily, by night, we walk naked to storm,
some threat of wholesale loss, to ruinous fear.
Gift us with long cloaks & adrenalin.

Who haunt the avenues of Angkor Wat
recalling all that prayer, that glory dispersed,
haunt me at the corner of Fifth & Hennepin.
Shield & fresh fountain! Manifester! Even mine.

John Berryman

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3 Responses to “A UDesque Christmas Prayer”

  1. dmf Says:


  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Perfect Christmas gift, dmf. Thank you. Ideal background music for my current snowy Boston view.

  3. dmf Says:

    my pleasure, thanks for making an isle of sanity in the midst of all the daily storms and stresses.

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