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Co – o – o – o-

-o – o – ld.

Margaret Soltan, December 29, 2017 5:54AM
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3 Responses to “Co – o – o – o-”

  1. Jack Says:

    A bit chilly are ya? Your temperature is about 20F? Well, things are looking up ’round here – the Extreme Cold Warning has ended (since it’s a mere -11F and promises to go up to a balmy 0F). Could be worse, I could be in Landsdowne House, ON (745 miles north of Chicago) where it’s -39F ATM.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Jack: I bow to you Canadians. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a summer home – a SUMMER home – on a Canadian lake.

  3. dmf Says:

    subzero highs for the long weekend here in Iowa unfortunately takes me back to growing up in the great-lakes/fingerlakes (truly upstate NY) region, scary weather to say the least, not enjoying this bad sci-fi b-movie we are now living in…

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