diplomatically. Or you can just say it. It is what it is.

But when your country has 133 million guns lying around, it’s a problem.

I’ve pretty much given up covering, on this blog, the incessant stories about loaded guns left in restrooms, park benches, classrooms, and hospitals. About twelve year olds walking around the neighborhood holding AR-15s. Guns in this country are like falling leaves in the autumn, seashells in the summer, snowflakes in the winter, and pollen in the spring. It’s raining guns.

Because of all the mass killings, many Americans are currently scared shitless about getting ripped to shreds by an AR-15, so we’re seeing far more reporting of threats and sightings and all. Before everyone got scared shitless, I guess the sight of a little boy walking in front of your house carrying an AR-15 was like, okay. Fine. But now it’s like wait maybe that’s not good.

So even though we’re pretty stupid ’round these parts, it begins to look as though the fact that guns are dangerous is sinking in.

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