… you’re probably not on UD‘s wavelength.

It’s not all hilarious, but her riffs on dentists and colonoscopies are truly worth the price of admission.


UD is intrigued, amused, and inspired by America’s Barbara Ehrenreichs and Zeke Emanuels. It’s a reassuring sign of a free and advanced culture that we generate people willing to press hard philosophically – but also in very personal and practical terms – on ultimate questions of value and meaning.


I happened to read the excerpts from Ehrenreich’s book at the same time I read, in a recent New York Times, about the scandal of doctors widely prescribing antidepressants while knowing virtually nothing about how difficult withdrawal from them might be. The language in the article – about blithe assumptions and subsequent nightmares – could be lifted verbatim from any article about opioids.

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One Response to “If you don’t find this hilarious…”

  1. dmf Says:

    sure antidepressants, sleep meds that also don’t work and yet are hard to kick, so much denial of ignorance and impotence, so little in the way of a properly scientific understanding, med schools suck and are getting worse but no worries big daddy data will come down from the cloud soon for your personalized salvation…

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