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stinks. Something in here really stinks.

First, he’s one of the biggest bigshots at Ohio State, and he’s been faking important – and at times clinically implemented! – cancer research for twenty years.

Ching-Shih Chen, a former professor in the College of Pharmacy and the Lucius A. Wing Chair of Cancer Research and Therapy, [and 2010 winner of OSU’s innovator of the year award,] was found to have committed research fraud beginning in 2001 throughout his almost 20-year career at Ohio State.

Of course he tried blaming everything on his research assistants (virtually all research fraudsters try that as their opening gambit), but a look at his laptop cleared that up.

According to the investigation, Chen often blamed any issues with the data on postdoctoral researchers or other lab workers, but the findings proved Chen was solely responsible for research misconduct relating to the manipulation of 14 different studies

So – how do you remain a very highly compensated superstar OSU researcher while lying and stealing and making false accusations and putting patients at serious risk for twenty years??


OSU would really rather not talk about it. They would really rather not talk about it. As in: The guy resigned last year, but we’re only now getting a peep about any of this. So that’s a scandal on top of a scandal.


As to why you might want to keep your trap shut about Chen: Well, say you’re president of the United States and you had Russian prostitutes pee on each other in front of you in a Moscow hotel room. You’d want to keep it quiet because it’s embarrassing. The OSU thing is kind of like that.

Another possibility: Chen had friends in high places. People who might have had their doubts about the dude, but he was a buddy, and he was a big grant-getter. Let him be.

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4 Responses to “After covering scads of research misconduct stories over the long life of this blog, UD’s gotta say that this article about a disgraced Ohio State cancer scientist really…”

  1. charlie Says:

    Think what you will about catholic school, but the nuns had zero tolerance for cheating. “Show all your work, and it must be yours, or I’m throwing you out of my classroom.” All these STEM frauds wouldn’t want to tangle with Sister Catherine Mary. She had more integrity than most uni admins….

  2. dmf Says:

    “To be frank, however, I simply am not certain that a state university in a right-wing state offers a long-term career path for an academic in the current political climate. I am hopeful that Louisiana will turn things around, and discover how to salvage one of its finest assets – what was once a truly exceptional system of state higher education. But I am not optimistic that will happen, and I can’t bet my future on it.”

  3. charlie Says:

    @dmf, thanks so much for your link. But I would say that if cutting state public education budgets, including those for state unis, is a right wing artifact, then just about all states have become right wing….

  4. dmf Says:

    hey charlie, to some degree but really is a case where differences of degrees come awfully close to differences of kind, tho in the end they are all going to get chopped up like companies under the Bain of capitalism…

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