Kris Kobach, whose official portrait in the state capitol reflects his love of mounting guns, said in an interview today that “Mounting guns is something I do and have done since Pops and I mounted guns together when I was a boy of six.”

Asked to respond to the town of Shawnee’s public apology for having allowed Kobach to take part in its Memorial Day parade mounting a huge gun, Kobach commented: “Guns call out to me to mount them. Mount me… mount me now.”

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3 Responses to “Kansas Secretary of State: “I Like to Mount Guns””

  1. Bruce Foster Says:

    Having never heard of this guy, I went to the internet find out more. First his gun fetish is the least of his problems. On every policy position he is an idiot. Second, he is not some hick who went to COW U. and got a degree in communications. He is Harvard summa cum lauda, Marshall scholar, PhD Oxford, Yale Law School, Law Review editor. Excelling at the finest education the Western World has to offer does not seem to have done anything to improve his character. Scary.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Bruce: Not surprised about his comprehensive policy idiocy. Had no idea about his impressive education, but here’s a thought: A great education can make a confident miscreant (see Richard Spencer) much more confident. Can expose him to thinkers (misread Nietzsche seems perennially popular among UC miscreants) that sharpen his madness, make him a higher-order miscreant.

  3. charlie Says:

    Bruce Foster, two words. Grade inflation….

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