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Why is the insane, violent Dawoodi Bohra cult tolerated by India?

β€œIs this tiny speck so full of evil that it has to be removed? Do they really think there is so much spiritual power in this tiny bit of tissue?”

Why is it tolerated by the United States?

And why is Alan Dershowitz defending the mad toilet-breakers and their demonic clitoris bearers??

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4 Responses to ““[T]he clitoral head makes them infidels.””

  1. charlie Says:

    What was it that George Bernard Shaw said about religion? Don’t judge based on what creed is believed, but from assumptions which motivate action. What are the assumptions these freaks maintain? Women are sex crazed fiends, all of which has to be subjected to men’s dictates. Wasn’t this the same thinking which propelled witch hunts? Women are such wanton creatures, they’ll have sex with da debil, and a Big Law attorney is going to defend that thinking. World’s going mad…

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: Yes – in this case, I think absolute madness (the cult, and the cult’s defender) is the key.

  3. Dr_Doctorstein Says:

    I’m sure that FGM will soon get the green light from Jeff Sessions and his Religious Liberty Task Force.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dr_D: I’ve wondered about that…

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