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[Avital] Ronell’s work strikes me as a big bowl of word salad. But I understand that the general project of deconstruction is the analysis and dismantling of conscious and unconscious structures of power. How odd, then, that these professors could see domination operating everywhere except the one place they could actually do something about it: in their own relations with students.

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5 Responses to “Strong-minded piece by Katha Pollitt on the Big Mess at NYU.”

  1. dmf Says:

    not odd at all, such critters we be…

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    dmf: Who could deny it?

    Plenty of people, it turns out.

  3. dmf Says:

    that’s the rub, we have a “crisis” in academic psychology in large part because the people who study biases can’t get a handle on their own, the economic meltdown happened without built in brakes because the people in the know (from academia to Wall St and revolving thru DC) were focused on China and not considering that banks (especially in Europe) might play some role in finance, all the punditry around the pre-presidential Donald, and on and on until we burn out the biosphere once and for all…

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    dmf: Your point about the pre-presidential Donald: wow, yes. I’m still staggered by the absolute cluelessness of people like me – and the entire media…

  5. dmf Says:

    that’s the danger of seeing things in terms of structures/constructions as if we could capture all of the necessary features of any event and that the future is calculable by merely extending these past trends into the future, now if only there was some way of thinking post-structuralism, of de-constructing our reifications…

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