Johns Hopkins med school grad Jumana Nagarwala has really done the place proud, huh? And let’s figure you and I – via our taxes, whatever – helped pay her way through one of America’s greatest schools of medicine so that she could mutilate thousands of three-year-old American girls (Nagarwala’s only 45, and if found innocent of female genital mutilation in her upcoming trial, has many more years of baby-clitoris-slashing ahead of her).

Thousands of people compete every year for a coveted place at Hopkins, and someone there reviewed her application, which I’m guessing didn’t say I want to be a doctor because I want in secret in the dead of night to force screaming little girls to have mutilated sexually pleasureless lives, and decided to put her out there in our country with certification as a medical doctor.

Nor can she be the only one.

The sect she belongs to is as we speak defending castration of the innocents most passionately in front of the Indian Supreme Court because of course they are doing God’s will… And this is why Nagarwala, if freed, will return to her butchery at once: Slashing genitals is the best, most pious, most godly thing, she does. It is a commandment from the lord and cannot, will not, be disobeyed.

Since the particular sect to which this woman belongs is high-profile and unapologetic about its barbarism, UD proposes at the very least that when a medical school in this country receives a viable application from anyone they are able to identify as a member of the sect, the admissions committee have a nice long talk with the applicant.

We must do what we can, as a country, to defend our children against attack. We must certainly do what we can to avoid educating and then letting loose in our cities another Jumana Nagarwala.

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3 Responses to ““[P]rosecutors have estimated that [Jumana] Nagarwala performed female genital mutilation on at least 100 girls…””

  1. dmf Says:

    monstrous but can teaching hospitals legally take religious affiliation into account?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    dmf: I don’t know. Certainly schools can interview candidates for admission, and if done with sufficient subtlety/sensitivity (“I’ve never heard of the Dawoodi Bohra sect… Can you tell me something about it?”) I think they might be able to tease out relevant information. But I’m aware of how difficult this would be, and how discrimination issues will arise.

  3. theprofessor Says:

    This will never fly, UD. If you want a 9-0 Supreme Court decision that will be delivered with the justices singing Kum-bay-ah together, this is it. Nothing that excludes on the basis of religion will pass muster. It’s possible that some of the left bloc could be convinced that some sort of affirmative action edge be given to some minority groups but exclusion–no way.

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