[H]is verbal SAT score of 420 was below the minimum required at Florida, where the majority of freshmen scored 600 or above…

[There was] destructive impunity, drugs, and the company of bad actors he met through Florida football. This was the time when he snapped a selfie that later went viral — posing in front a mirror, a raised Glock handgun in his left hand…

[T]he Gators had so much contact with the Gainesville police that [Urban] Meyer once addressed officers at roll call. A running tally of arrests compiled by the Orlando Sentinel during Meyer’s six-year tenure reached at least 31, for offenses ranging from firing an AK-47 in public to throwing food at an employee at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop.

The Boston Globe revisits the University of Florida’s contribution to the tragedy of Aaron Hernandez.

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2 Responses to ““[T]he coldly corporatized world of big-time college football indulged and exacerbated the very traits in Hernandez that would one day destroy his life and end others. His anger. His recklessness. His fascination with violence and the violent.””

  1. Van Hayhow Says:

    For those with interest and access to the Boston Globe in print on online, this is the second installment in what will be around six installments.Bob Hohler, one of the better investigative reporters around, is one of the authors.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Van: Thanks. I note that this part of the series, at least, is available even if you don’t subscribe.

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