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Witches’ Brew U.

When your university’s long-term president, in his valedictory speech, prominently cites as one of the institution’s pressing future needs closing certain bars, you have a problem. When his ultimate-aspiration summation alludes to mayhem at the hospitals, rage among the neighbors, shootings into crowds, and appalling tailgate conditions, you really do need to ask yourself if the University of South Carolina is a university, or is instead what UD calls a unibrewery.

It’s truly a witches’ brew: Capitalists in the bars hauling in the cash from students; unibreweries afraid to do much because they’re in competition for students with other unibreweries; a larger culture of massive alcohol addiction; guns guns guns guns guns. Mix briskly and stand back.


UD thanks Professor Mondo.

Margaret Soltan, October 29, 2018 9:52AM
Posted in: demon rum

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2 Responses to “Witches’ Brew U.”

  1. charlie Says:

    Tuition at North Carolina State University for 2018 is $9,100. If a NC resident decided to attend U of South Carolina, they’d pay $32,362 in out of state tuition, about 3.6x more for the same thing. No wonder drunk USC students are needing emergency care during football games. Anyone would get blasted when they realize they’re imbeciles.

    Having worked in 9-12 grade land, the West Coast out of state – in state tuition disparity is even more acute. In trying to give gullible high schoolers an understandable analogy, it’s as if they hoped a jet in Portland, flew to San Francisco, grabbed an Uber to a Baskin Robbins, ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and paid nearly 5x more than in Oregon. Unis have long been using teenage stupidity to cover the nut. Unfortunately for them, the inventory of bigger fools has dwindled…

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Stupidity plus parental status anxiety accounts for a good deal of it.

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