If you’re an academic, it’s an evil grad student/research assistant; if you’re a magazine editor, it’s a trusted freelancer — but whoever the ghostly awful person who plagiarized and then put the product under your innocent name, the important thing, when you’re caught red-handed, is to find someone to blame it on.

But social media users were already posting previous instances of plagiarism by the [Ukrainian] Vogue editor…

BTW: Nice move, international-relations-wise, to be a Ukrainian who rips off a Russian. I mean, who needs independence?

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One Response to “‘Ms Sushko apologised and claimed that she sometimes outsourced her editor’s letter to a trusted freelancer as she had a lot of work and could get stuck on the letter for “several days because of the big responsibility and stress.”’”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    She’s a minor leaguer, simply following the lead of the big boys and girls. The WaPo, for example, has all but conceded that eminent “journalist” and “opinion columnist” Khashoggi’s writings were ghosted by his Qatari handler, a “researcher,” and a “translator.” Needless to say, the Wapo’s opinion editors, channeling Sgt. Schultz, knew nothing.

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