Don’t tell me they’re too high — that’s simply not true.

If someone has to die, it’s them and not you.

Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my charade!

‘Prescription blizzard deep and dense and so white’

This is the sort of poetry that I write.

This is the vast catastrophe that I have made!


More people killed by my little pill

Than traffic fatalities – right, sir!

More people thrilled by taking my pill

Before they all say goodnight, sir!

Med schools across the nation bear our great name

Philanthropy removes all sense of shame

As we distribute heroin — the highest grade!

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One Response to “Sackler Patriarch Responds to New York Times Article”

  1. dmf Says:

    If your 2020 agenda doesn’t include dealing with mass criminality by oligarchs you can take your family leave and bullshit STEM apprenticeships and just take a lobbying job.”

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