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UPDATE: Soak the state!


“The [University of Connecticut’s $40 million athletic] deficit was plugged with $30 million in institutional support and $8.5 million from student fees.

UConn football remains the department’s most expensive team to operate at more than $15.7 million last year. Also, ticket sales for the one-win team in 2018 totaled $2.4 million vs. $3.3 million in 2017.

That resulted in a $8.7 million deficit for the football team.

As of Aug. 2018, the football program’s attendance at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford has declined by more than 48 percent since it peaked in 2008 when it averaged 39,331 fans per game, according to the NCAA.

UConn men’s basketball lost $5 million, while women’s basketball lost $3 million. It cost $11 million to operate the men’s basketball team and $7.8 million to manage the women’s program, the statement said.

UConn athletics spent nearly $17 million on scholarships and $14.4 million for staff and administrative support.

The athletic department also spent $17 million on salaries for coaches.”

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2 Responses to “Public Funds for the Education of College Students in Connecticut in Good Hands”

  1. Jeremy Bangs Says:

    Nice to see the payment of 17 million for “scholarships” – sounds very much like what a university should be doing (or does this really mean “athletic scholarships”?).

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Jeremy: I think those are athletic scholarships, so…

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