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Burqa backers sure do twist themselves up into pretzels defending the garment. As another German university bans full facial veiling in classrooms, a Green Party politician assures us that teaching has nothing to do with seeing the people you’re teaching.

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4 Responses to ““[L]ecturers and professors are neither capable of nor tasked with evaluating the facial expressions and gestures of the students.””

  1. dmf Says:

    as if the students aren’t lost in their screens in endless rows of the lecture auditorium…


  2. Van L Hayhow Says:

    Please tell me this article comes from the Onion.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Van: The Onion has done some funny stuff on the subject of the burqa, but this is the real deal.

  4. University Diaries » An honest and thoughtful take on the burqa from Brandon Robshaw. Says:

    […] to admit that burqas pose a real problem in intellectual settings. Instead they end up saying the most moronic shit about the glories of teaching silent hooded beings. So bravo Robshaw for stating the obvious but […]

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