Very simple principle, simply stated. You can add that criminal schools in deeply corrupt states attract lots of, er, bad actors, and indeed accumulate long non-glorious histories of the corrupt and criminal.

You’re thinking of the U of Smell — Louisville — I know, cuz we spend a lot of time on that swamp on this blog; but don’t forget its smelliforous competitor, the University of New Mexico. Read through these posts for the narrative of that school’s greedy-dolt presidents, sticky-finger ADs, lazy-dolt trustees, and desperately enraged students and faculty. Short version – jest ’bout anybody who attains a position of responsibility at UNM (i.e. access to funds) steals.

What’s truly distinctive about New Mexico is the stupidity of their academic removalists. Former vastly paid AD Paul Krebs not only robbed the school blind; he wrote about it in university-account emails to his fellow-traveler and current UNM professor wife. He took what some chump thought was a donation to the athletic department and instructed his wife — again, in an email – to put the check where the sun don’t shine.

[The] $25,000 check … “should not be traceable …” Authorities say his wife received these instructions on her university email: “delete everything I sent when done so nothing discoverable in IPRA (public records) request. Including your delete file. Thanks.”

Thanks? Not love? Not even a heart emoji?

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5 Responses to “Criminal schools attract criminals.”

  1. charlie Says:

    UD, in scrolling through the links to this article, I came across the story of the weird death of a Stanford med school prof. Doyle John Borchers was a nuerosurgeon who specialized in drug addiction. He was killed in a plane crash while loaded on dope. Seems as if Dr. Borchers was a junkie, but somehow, had a a teaching position at one of the most prestigious med schools in the nation.

    What’s intriguing is that the former dean of USC’s med school, Carmen Puliafito, was a crackhead with a penchant for tweeker prostitutes. What the hell is going on with PAC 12 med schools??

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: Yup. Here’s the link to my two posts on Borchers. A real scandal, and to this day I don’t think Stanford has said a thing.

  3. charlie Says:

    Junkie med school deans and professors. Pilfering Athletic Directors and uni presidents. Plagiarizing faculty. Coaches that are the highest paid public employees. Gun toting students, drink till you die frats, and athletes on parole for sexual assault and rape. This is the state of USAAmericn higher education…

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: And Jordan Peterson hasn’t even gotten to this stuff yet!

  5. charlie Says:

    Oh great. When you think it can’t get worse, throw in the PC hack to liven it up….

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