The commenters at Deadspin never disappoint. This one wonders whether the all-’round nasty women’s soccer coach at Yale will end up a Jalie. The coach was raised in UD‘s neck of of the woods and went to a local school she knows well: Richard Montgomery High. I figure he couldn’t believe his eyes when he got to Yale, a billionaire thirty times over, and he reasonably enough looked around for ways he could be rich like all the people around him were rich. You know the deal, right? Our perceived wealth is largely based on the wealth of the people around us – neighbors, colleagues. How many eighteen year old fuckheads did he see driving Ferrari F60 Americas before he decided to get a piece of that?

Oh, and he didn’t only take bribes. He reportedly made his players write his papers for him. AND when told about it, Yale reportedly did nothing.

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2 Responses to “‘I wonder if he’ll get accepted to Jale.’”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    Long ago, we had a young, high-flying genius administrator in student life who used student work-studies (one of them already an excellent writer, now a Ph.D. and at an Ivy) to “edit” his shitty work for some kind of graduate degree.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    tp: It’s been fascinating on this blog, all these years, to follow the varieties of slave labor at American universities.

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