… beachy municipalities with wall to wall bars and little law enforcement attract really big vicious crowds. As one traditional spring break town after another says enough to the carnage, larger and larger groups of drunk fucks concentrate in smaller and smaller spaces, to the point where South Beach, and the handful of other still-certified SB locations, are absolutely choked with traffic jams police stops drugs guns fights biker gangs and open-air rapes for as long as two months. Residents seem to think this isn’t the best way to welcome in the spring, and even the merchants who in the past haven’t minded the grossness because it brings in so much cash have begun to respond to the city council’s pleas that they close up early or stop feeding infinite liquor to everyone who shows up or whatever.

UD wonders, though. Bestiality will have its way, and our enterprising country should be able to produce one or two cities/towns willing to make a name for themselves as crapulous destinations of last resort. I’m putting my money on Myrtle Beach.

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2 Responses to “This Spring Break, it’s the turn of South Beach Fla. to be shocked, shocked, that…”

  1. charlie Says:

    Decades ago, SB existed. But college students were, for the most part, too broke to fly/drive or, in anyway, travel however far needed to get laid, loaded, and drunk for a week or two. The question is how does this generation of jackholes have the resources to do all this debauchery? Is this where part of the more than $1.5 trillion in student debt end up?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: I think in general people are a bit richer now; I think also a lot more people live/go to school in these southern regions – some of these are states whose populations have gone way up in the last 20 years or so. As to the larger question of where Americans of any age get all the money to afford serious ongoing drinking, etc., etc. – as an old stick in the mud myself, I have to say that I have posed this question forever and the only answer I can come up with is the obvious one: they go into deeper and deeper and deeper debt. As you suggest in your last sentence.

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