Garrett Park wakes up, and UD watches it happen on today’s walk.

Food supply trucks begin to arrive at Black Market Bistro. So that Garrett Parkers need not spend one day bereft of excellently prepared fresh seafood.
Foreground and middle distance, Snowball Viburnum (I think), in Porcupine Woods (the porcupine — as in Don’t Tread on Me — is the town mascot).

As UD walked along Strathmore Avenue, a big red fox slowly crossed in front of her, gazing at your blogeuse the entire time. Two families in town keep chickens, and a neighbor told me the other day that a fox got into one of the henhouses and went to town.

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3 Responses to “The Park Ascending”

  1. David Foster Says:

    IIRC, Black Market has outdoor seating…do they allow dogs there?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    David: Yes, outdoor seating. And I’ve seen dogs there — but I’d call first to make sure it’s okay.

  3. David Foster Says:


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