… for one of the Soltans’ Fangors. Bonham’s auction, May 15, New York City. (Scroll down to Lot 7 here.)

Details when you enlarge the image.

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5 Responses to “Time to make your bid…”

  1. Ravi Narasimhan Says:

    Looks like the Event Horizon Telescope image of the black hole in M87.

    Might be able to afford the catalog.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Ravi: LOL. The prices are a bit much. But of course we’re not complaining. We inherited several Fangors from Mr UD‘s father, and proceeded to watch as year after year they became quite remarkably valuable. We didn’t have them behind glass, and we didn’t have them insured. We became afraid of the art on our walls! And decided to sell much of it.

    We were good friends/country neighbors of Fangor — an absolutely wonderful man — and your astronomy comparison is quite apt. Wojciech was such a dark sky lover that he built his own observatory next to his upstate NY house. The chichi enterprise that bought his place kept the observatory, I was very happy to see. (We still have a house down the lane.)

  3. Ravi Narasimhan Says:

    I wonder if his M naming scheme was influenced by the Messier Catalog. As a serious amateur astronomer he must have known about it.

    I see from the eye popping Premiums and Charges that progressive taxation is not controversial in the art auction market.

  4. theprofessor Says:

    Are we sure this isn’t a flattened L-shell of a neon atom?

  5. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Fangor would probably be thrilled to have it seen that way too.

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