So far, in the wake of the college admissions scandal, that school has only had to deal with evil coaches and scummy parents… and, as of this morning, a lawsuit from the son of one of the scummy parents – a guy with real balls, if you ask me. He doesn’t want his fraudulently obtained degree to become meaningless when Georgetown expels him.

But listen up: For years G’town has been admitting all the teenybopper descendants of the crowned heads of Europe. Have you noticed? Town and Country has noticed. This short piece only brushes the tiara: they all go there, and … you know… you have to wonder…

I mean to say everyone’s going to start to wonder now, what with the larger scandal drawing attention to this particular campus. Royal pain a-comin’.


UPDATE: Uh-oh.

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5 Responses to “Georgetown University’s Royal Pain.”

  1. Eric Says:

    “I never signed the application” gets points for brazenness.

  2. charlie Says:

    One of the advantages of attending Jesuit high schools is admission into nearly any jebbie uni/college. The exception was Georgetown, because, as we were told, only the very elite are allowed admittance. I need to track the insufferable prig president of my high school, a GU alum, and have him tell me all about his elite Alma Mater…

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Eric: Meant to include that in the post. Wow.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: I assume your school president was a crowned head of Europe.

  5. charlie Says:

    UD, no, but he sure did act like one. One of the most dismissive, condescending jerks I’ve met…

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