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Excess signage around Garrett Park’s Black Market Bistro.

Seen on today’s early morning pick up trash walk. UD thought she’d have plenty to pick up – Saturday was insane with activity all over town – but the town crew must have swept through late yesterday, because the streets were frustratingly pristine. She did collect one half-full bottle (calorie free health drink, natch) in Wells Park, and a black plastic fork in front of the tennis courts, but that was it.

UD also lays some of the blame on fellow Garrett Parkers, who, all day long every day, do exactly what UD does.

Margaret Soltan, June 16, 2019 2:06PM
Posted in: snapshots from home

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5 Responses to “Excess signage around Garrett Park’s Black Market Bistro.”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    Mediocrevilleburgton would be the happy hunting ground for you, UD.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    tp: I would be the Madwoman of Mediocrevilleburgton, screaming at everyone from every street corner about littering.

  3. Ravi Narasimhan Says:

    Wi n0t trei a h0liday in Singapore this yer?

  4. UD Says:

    Ravi: Singapore is a bridge too far.

  5. theprofessor Says:

    You would burst your lungs after a couple of hours, UD. It really is that bad. I will guess that a good 5% of the residents don’t hesitate a millisecond about throwing trash out of cars. The squished bag full of half-eaten fast food is the local version of roadkill.

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