… the list of university leaders settling their greedy asses on corporate boards and drawing big money from them for doing nothing (except cutting into their university time by going to Hawaii for corporate junkets) is very very long; and even though they keep getting caught failing to disclose their several, often conflicted, board seats, these people keep doing it cuz man you don’t know greed and how it can drive you! You can’t hope to understand!

The latest corporate board scandal comes out of already insanely scandal-plagued University of North Carolina system, with its fake classes and shit. Take a place that’s already in deep doodoo and drive it yet farther underground: This has been the mandate of new head guy William Roper, who jest can’t seem to ‘member all the boards – some of whom do business with his institution – on which he has settled his ass. The local lamestream media insists on sticking its nose into his affairs, looking at forms he’s failed to fill out, etc., etc., and he’s pissed – as pissed as Shirley Ann Jackson used to get when people called her out (she had her people call her critics racists). From the height of his ass-cooling dignity Roper has issued statement after statement and you know what? It’ll work. UNC has suffered few negative consequences because it’s a jock-sniffing academic joke; Roper will suffer few negative consequences for his greed and deceit. UNC is what it is and life – in all its glorious scumminess – goes on.

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2 Responses to “Shirley Ann Jackson, Ruth J. Simmons, Robert L. Barchi, Phyllis M. Wise, Victor Dzau…”

  1. David Foster Says:

    The Gillespie & Zweig book sounds interesting. And it’s not just corporate boards…’nonprofit’ boards and university boards of trustees seem to suffer from the same problems.

    One of the danger signals for the Theranos debacle should have been the board composition: too many people on there because they were famous rather than for their potential contributions to the direction of the business.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    David: Yes, the whole ‘non-profit’ board thing is even more scandalous than the corporate board thing.

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