seven years.

Yeshiva University says: I hear you!

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One Response to “‘The [New York Academy of Art] originally disputed that [Jeffrey] Epstein had ever been a trustee, but later reversed itself, confirming that he was on the board for …”

  1. charlie Says:

    Yeshiva U is doing what European royalty had to do when lifestyles extended beyond generational fortunes. Sell the palace!

    The guy who dropped the dime on Madoff, Harry Markopoulos, recently stated that General Electric’s accounting fraud dwarfed that of Enron.

    General Electric: Accounting Fraud “bigger than Enron..”…

    Gotta ask, how many uni endowments received generous returns from GE stock prior to that company leaving the DJIA? How much of USAAmerica’s financial system is premised on fraud and deceit? It wouldn’t be a surprise if secular unis join Yeshiva in selling off parts of their balance sheet…

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