United States; and he wants to leave Sarah.

This concludes the family values portion of your broadcast.

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5 Responses to “He wants to leave the…”

  1. charlie Says:

    Holy cow, Batman! Raw Story’s Sarah Palin image makes her appear demented…

  2. Dr. Doctorstein Says:

    As nutty as Palin is, I still blame John McCain for putting her on the national stage before she was ready and ruining what might have been a decent, if more modest, political career.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dr.D: Couldn’t agree more. So telling that he refused to have her at his funeral… But the whole thing was his fuckup.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: Yes. There’s an… intensity in her eyes.

  5. charlie Says:

    Is that what it is? I don’t know about the East Coast, but round these parts, that kind of intensity gets you a restraining order…

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