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This blog has had WHAT to say, over many years, about…

… Charles Grassley. Feast your eyes. Three pages of praise for his stewardship of our tax dollars. UD‘s a deep blue Democrat who deeply admires this conservative Republican for taking seriously his charge to disrupt the theft of federal funds wherever it occurs.

Grassley is a true throwback: a midwestern scold with just the sort of moral backbone a Senator needs to do the right thing in the Ukraine mess. UD‘s totally not surprised, therefore, that he has rebuked Trubu and his minions over their, er, unusual reading of the whistle blower laws. Good on you, Chuck, and may there be more where you come from.

Margaret Soltan, October 1, 2019 5:36PM
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2 Responses to “This blog has had WHAT to say, over many years, about…”

  1. Julia Says:

    As one of Grassley’s constituents in Iowa, Grassley hasn’t been the Grassley you describe for quite some time and especially not since Trump was elected. In fact, just the other day he joined with fellow Republic senator Ron Johnson in a letter to AG Barr asking him to investigate Clinton’s ties to Ukraine in 2016.

    So, while I’m glad he’s finally found enough of his spine to defend the whistleblower protections he helped enact, he’s got a ways to go before I’ll trust him to actually uphold the Constitution.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Julia: Yes – he’s done and will continue to do plenty of gross Republican things. But I agree with Kamala Harris – who spoke very highly of him in a recent MSNBC interview – that he deserves credit not only for his statement about the whistle blower, but also for years of responsible stewardship of tax dollars.

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