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University of New Mexico: Ever-Upstanding.

Now that its quarterback has been filmed calling a woman over to his car and telling her to help him finish masturbating, UNM – one of this blog’s venerable favorites – is in the news again. UD has long argued that a state as corrupt and fiercely anti-intellectual as New Mexico should give up on the whole public university thing, with its Dave Schmidlys and Mike Locksleys and a host of others running this hopelessly shabby show. But on it goes; the curtain … or whatever … keeps going up…

Margaret Soltan, October 23, 2019 5:51PM
Posted in: sport

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2 Responses to “University of New Mexico: Ever-Upstanding.”

  1. charlie Says:

    Back in my time, the qb always got the prettiest cheerleader, all the sorority girls, the cutest graduate English tutor. As a defensive back, we were lucky if we were invited to after game parties. I guess things ain’t the way they used to be..,,

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    charlie: It’s that damn Me Too movement…

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