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O Lord, Thou Workest in Mysterious Ways.

First in thy wisdom you granted our Georgetown University Jesuit community a tennis coach who bribedeth rich parents over lo! many years for many millions of dollars and draggedeth our name into the mud. Then you sent us Kevin Broadus, a basketball coach, who had fully demonstratedeth his – O Lord – troubling recruiting policy at SUNY Binghamton but thou sentest him to us anyway. It was thy will, and thy will be done.

And now as we enter the Christmas season, amid annual singalong Messiahs and other forms of fervent prayer, we can only watch in despair – but undaunted faith – as three more hotly recruited basketball players rob and threaten students who perhaps came to our school because they are actually serious Catholics.

But what can we do, O Lord? “Despite being served … restraining orders last month, the three men played in Georgetown’s Saturday game against the University of North Carolina.” We can only follow thy will, which is that these three men continue to play basketball for us. Surely in the fullness of time your… sporting… intentions for us will be revealed.

Margaret Soltan, December 4, 2019 5:02PM
Posted in: forms of religious experience, sport

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One Response to “O Lord, Thou Workest in Mysterious Ways.”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    Pope “Who am I to Judge?” Frankie will be ordering the Jesuits to ignore this as soon as he is done overlooking his mother-earth-idol-worshiping South American bishops and his Cardinal-Satyrs in North America.

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