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Turning a University into Catastrophe Canyon.

And it’s UD’s very own George Washington University!

Margaret Soltan, February 10, 2020 10:21AM
Posted in: just plain gross

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10 Responses to “Turning a University into Catastrophe Canyon.”

  1. Ravi Narasimhan Says:

    The Mouse is a typically American evangelical religion. From 2003
    “Keepers of the Magic Kingdom”


  2. Polish Peter Says:

    Corporatist Gleichschaltung is oozing into many universities as they hire administrative staff who are oblivious to the teaching and research mission of the institution.

  3. theprofessor Says:

    Pure woke pablum of exactly the sort force-fed to us here.

  4. Ravi Narasimhan Says:

    It is Corporate obedience training. Nothing woke about it except the terminology they’re using today as opposed to yesterday as opposed to tomorrow.

  5. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Ravi: Love the phrase corporate obedience training. Praise your dog.

  6. Stephen Karlson Says:

    This sort of corporate creep is likely a trend. I recently looked in at the renovated student center of Northern Illinois University. Now prominently posted, the Mission, Vision, and Values. It’s part of something called strategic planning.

  7. theprofessor Says:

    Ravi, I have a niece and a nephew who have been employed by Disney in recent years, and believe me, it may be corporate training, but it is woke to the point that even the wackiest of the woke student life deanlets would be aghast.

  8. Ravi Narasimhan Says:

    Missionaries routinely coopt local customs but ultimately they are selling their own brand of swill. ‘Woke’ may be the flavor of today but it will be replaced by some other gimmick. The underlying message won’t.

  9. Anon Says:

    Your new pres is a one trick pony. He did the same thing at Miami.

  10. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Anon: I wondered about that. Thanks – I’ll check news stories.

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