Fraudsters have something in common – the brass balls that come from the conviction that other people are so stupid one will always be able to get away with the fraud. Whether you’re Madoff calmly contemplating the 65 billion dollars you’ve stolen, or whether (at the other end of the fraud spectrum) you’re Sharonda Avery, commandingly handing down a diagnosis of autism to every single child brought to your pretend doctor’s office, the thing you’ve got, the unique, echt trait, is an arrogant, once more unto the breach, have at it, caution to the wind, only go around once, ah fuck it gall. That, plus endless delight in considering the many splendor’d ways in which you’ve ruined the lives of hundreds of families.

Prosecutors said Avery’s ruse started to unravel when a school psychologist in Spotsylvania started to become suspicious because Avery kept diagnosing children as autistic.

Of course the fraudsters are absolutely correct in their determination of the stupidity of the world. Madoff’s scheme was obvious to anyone with an ounce of grey matter, and some of those people shouted the truth to the treetops for over a decade.


Stafford [Virginia] prosecutors said when state officials notified the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office [of Avery’s scheme], they did not take action.

Right – I meant to add give a shit nothingness to the stupidity. Rural Virginia and all. Who cares. Most everyone around here’s a fraud of one sort or other. Big deal.


UD thanks her sister.

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2 Responses to “Hauteur Theory”

  1. david foster Says:

    “the stupidity. Rural Virginia and all”

    I doubt if very many of Madoff’s investors/victims were residents of rural Virginia, or for that matter, rural anywhere.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    David: No, Madoff’s victims were urban. And not only stupid, but also (unlike the countryfolk) greedy. To give them their due, whenever a victim of Madoff’s consented to be interviewed, they tended to say exactly this — “I was stupid and I was greedy.”

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