At noon today I walked the block and a half to the post office, where the haul was a package of way-medicinal smelling hand sanitizer La Kid ordered from Etsy, and a special issue of the Economist, and I passed no one at all on the way. But as I approached the train tracks and the back of the little Garrett Park station (this image shows the front), I smelled really strong marijuana coming from inside the shelter.

No biggie – you can do recreational weed in MD. But since the only sign of life around the station was a white CSX truck with no one in it – there’s a work project happening on our stretch of tracks – UD (who is much too polite to have peeked) figured the tokers must be bored CSX workers, waiting for some equipment before they can get back to work. Or maybe that’s what they do on their lunch break.

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2 Responses to “Snapshots from Home: UD Sniffs Out a Situation.”

  1. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Rule G, Consolidated Code of Operating Rules. “The use of intoxicants or narcotics while on duty, or subject to duty, is prohibited.” Assistant trainmasters and other middle-level managers get promoted for nailing the workers for violations.

    Simpler explanation: some locals hanging out, hiding their violation of social distancing requests.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Stephen: Yes – after I told Mr UD about this, he said he has noticed local teenagers making a habit of smoking weed there. So I guess I’m wrong about the rail workers…

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