One of Exotic’s ex-husbands, John Finlay, gives shirtless interviews that show off his abundant tribal tattoos—including a crotch adornment that reads Privately Owned Joe Exotic—and his undeniable lack of teeth. (Only in Episode 5 does Tiger King stop to note that meth has been a prevalent factor in Exotic’s world the whole time.) The interviews become more and more invasive. Travis’s mother is asked about her son’s death while she’s seemingly intoxicated. In Episode 7, one of Exotic’s zoo employees is so incapacitated that he passes out mid-interview. Exotic’s campaign manager is interviewed early on as a fresh-faced former Walmart manager enthusiastically crafting Exotic’s libertarian platform; a year or so later, he too has lost teeth, and appears considerably more disheveled than during his clean-cut canvassing days.

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3 Responses to “That’s what UD gets for having been curious about this big cat show everyone’s watching.”

  1. Frances D Eby Says:

    This stupid Joe Exotic this reminds of the last trip mom, Carolyn and I took to Florida back in the late 1980s. We went to Jonathan Dickinson State Park and visited, by boat, the remains of “Trapper Nelson’s Zoo and Jungle Gardens” Another crazy guy with a zoo and crazy relatives. Scroll down on the website for story.

  2. Frances D Eby Says:

    Sorry here’s the link

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Read the article; want to go back there!

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