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“Dr. Ligotti allegedly served as the medical director for more than 50 addiction treatment facilities…”

America’s hard-working medical professionals.


Looks as though they’re selling the house. Quite a spread. Crime pays, can’t be denied.


Plus you gotta admire the guy’s balls.

LIGOTTI and [his business] Whole Health filed a civil suit in 2016 alleging that [United Health Care] withheld payments [to him] in violation of ERISA.


And while we’re at it we need to ultrasound your uterus.

[One patient told government investigators she reluctantly agreed to a gynecological ultrasound] “just to get [Ligotti’s staff] to shut up [about it].


Ligotti was “adamant that every patient submit urine during every visit. … LIGOTTI would get angry with employees who forgot to collect urine and yelled at them to fill cups with toilet water if they had to.”


UD has a sneaking admiration for deep, committed, relentless, crooks. Ligotti and his wife know they have been under investigation for years, and have responded with an absurd time-consuming lawsuit, letters expressing faux outrage that someone seems to be abusing Ligotti’s medical privileges, an attempt to file for bankruptcy because their three properties worth millions are, you know, worth zero, and a successful attempt to get a PPP loan.

Margaret Soltan, August 4, 2020 6:08AM
Posted in: trust me - i'm a doctor

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2 Responses to ““Dr. Ligotti allegedly served as the medical director for more than 50 addiction treatment facilities…””

  1. charlie Says:

    UD, you should be in the Journalism Dept. Great sleuthing…

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Thanks, charlie. The story just led me on – very compelling.

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