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7 Responses to ““The Trump Campaign Ran a ‘Support Our Troops’ Ad with a Stock Photo of Russian Fighter Jets””

  1. Bill R Says:

    I’m not surprised that advertising agencies photo editors are not experts at identifying warplanes by silhouette alone.

    Having said that, our faithful allies in central and eastern Europe often use Warsaw pact aircraft left over from their time of servitude.

    Maybe the Trump campaign is paying tribute to our allies. Did you ever think of that, huh?

    niech żyje polska!

  2. Polish Peter Says:

    Sloppy work by the ad agency and whoever signed off on it. The target audience would have been more impressed if they’d used the distinctive silhouette of the A-10 in any event.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Polish Peter: Wow!

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Bill R: LOL.

  5. Stephen Karlson Says:

    PP, UD: there’s a meme showing a Warthog opening up on a Star Wars imperial walker. From the cab of the walker the operator is saying “Oh, S***!” And yes, the Warthog is the coolest thing in the air, apart from the Navy Corsair and Air Corps Mustang of years ago.

  6. Bill R Says:

    Stephen Karlson: I couldn’t find a formation photo of a Mustang, Warthog, and Corsair. The best I could do was this.

    Which is still pretty cool.

    Sorry UD, it’s the boy in us.

  7. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Bill R: Good one. Gabelschwanz Teufel is also up there in bad-ass aircraft, now put in a P-47 and a Typhoon and watch the track toads cringe.

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