In a little while, we’ll start parsing the sickest of them, the lies that degraded us just by our having to be in the same room with them. Soon we’ll marvel at four years stuck in a surround sound of the absolutely rankest bullshit, as if the president this blog calls The Genius of the Carpathians were indeed Nicolae Ceaușescu, and we his hopelessly entrapped auditors.

For me the sickest and most degrading lie of all was uttered in Trumpism’s late decadent stage – just a month before his downfall, when his brightest and slickest enabler, Lara Trump, assured an interviewer that Trump telling a rally to scream lock her up at an American governor who had just narrowly avoided being violently kidnapped, and whose only offense against Trump’s crowd lay in her responsible approach to a pandemic, was all in fun. A Trump rally is a “fun, light atmosphere.” Everyone was just “having fun at a Trump rally.”

Violent, repeatedly stoked, crowd hatred is frightening. Two-Minute Hates are a horror. Got that? It’s not light, and it’s not fun, and the country will be safer when perky all-American shitmongers like Lara Trump go away.

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  1. University Diaries » I’m confused. Last year, when asked about crowds chanting “Lock her up” with Trump at this rallies, Lara Trump said it’s all in fun. all in fun. A Trump rally is a “fun, light atmosphere.” Everyone wa Says:

    […] So when the highest profile Republican in the house tweets LOCK HER UP after Hillary Clinton calls her a menace to America, she’s just having fun? […]

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