Josh Hawley is a very bad boy, and he’s gotten into a lot of very bad trouble and made a lot of adults very mad. Little Josh likes to run around pumping his fist at proto-fascist rallies; he likes to destroy democratic institutions; he likes to lie about his house having been attacked by evil left-wingers.

People die because of his rabble-rousing, but it’s not Josh’s fault. He is not a disreputable person, beneath contempt; he is a well-groomed, well-educated, highly promising young statesman.

But because it certainly looks as though people die because of Josh, publishers cancel his book contracts. But the publishers are bad evil left-wingers and he is going to sue them! He is going to sue them on behalf of all of those innocent people who are cancelled merely because they are mob-inciting, proto-fascist, traitors. Who among us is not a mob-inciting, proto-fascist, traitor? Why should Josh Hawley be singled out?

Because he is a white man, that’s why. If he were one of millions of mob-inciting, proto-fascist, black women, he would be celebrated, not condemned.

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