40 Percent of U.S. COVID Deaths Could Have Been Averted If It Weren’t for Trump: [Lancet] Report


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2 Responses to “[I find] myself in life as in a strange garment / Surprised at the earth … / And the shamelessness of men”

  1. Greg Says:

    So let’s see. That’s pretty close to 200k of what they call – in those arresting words – excess deaths. Include people who survived, but were caused long term, life-changing pain and disabilities, and you’ve got a lot of malpractice mayhem. Were it a careless doctor – let’s imaginatively say playing golf, watching the telly, looking admiringly in the mirror, etc. instead of attending the patient – it would be criminal and civil negligence and recklessness on an incomprehensible scale. For all of the often justified difficulties of holding a President civilly or criminally accountable for inaction with respect to his/her official duties, this attempt would be worth some creative lawyering, even if it ultimately fails. To some extent, the harms of neglect of Covid and those of attempted insurrection are different, incommensurable. But this is one of the two great moral crimes of President 45. And relatively, in the meteorological accounting of this shit-storm, it seems to be sliding. It would be a shame if, after these great impeachment hearings, it gets lost in a huge din, since again it is a central example of the evil of his administration.. It’s not the story of an incited, loud, murderous mob, but that of hearts stopping, one at a time, often in very lonely circumstances, all over the country.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Greg: Agree wholeheartedly. You say it well.

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