Scion of American Catholic Dynasty Trashes US Capitol!

Of course we all noted the way Onward Christian Soldiers thing going down at the insurrection; but who knew that among the great unwashed lurked Buckley family princeling L. Brent Bozell IV? Whose father L. Brent Etc Etc had just been complaining on Fox News that people were unfairly accusing all Republicans of being insurrectionists?

I’m thinking Brent Four ain’t the most popular guy on the block. After he went Cap-trashing while wearing a sweatshirt identifying the school where he works, a flock of people contacted the FBI about him.

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3 Responses to “‘I am the life, and the insurrection.’”

  1. Greg Says:

    There just seems to be an infinity of these people – including the deplorables* who mainly turned out to be just that. It’s much too much, wearying and that old standby frightening. They could easily fill up “Hilbert’s Grand Hotel.” I’m very glad that Biden won, but a little surprised at the current exhilaration/exhaustion balance. For starters, it would be a blessing if Lindsay Graham’s demented face stopped floating up into my consciousness.

    *Not that I’m eager to hear from HC or her hub. What a waste of real talent. Then again, let’s see, Benghazi or a deadly coup attempt via an attack on a coordinate branch of government – which is more serious? And the admirable Pelosi will be accused of beating a dead horse!

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Greg: I’m dealing with ‘that old standby frightening’ by pretending merely to be amused, and saying funny things about these people on my blog.

  3. Greg Says:

    Knew that; glad you are.

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