Elizabeth Dye at Above the Law parses the desperation of Sidney Powell as she attempts to escape from Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.3 billion suit against her.

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2 Responses to ““Yes, Powell is claiming that no one could possibly have believed her public allegations about Dominion were statements of fact, while simultaneously claiming that she herself believed they were statements of fact.””

  1. Greg Says:

    Trump’s ability to find, and then associate with, the truly fucked-up has been just astonishing. Though, they did seek him out like flies, garbage. Were there a Nobel prize for fuckupedness, it belongs to him in each of his remaining years, nolo contendere. I’d love to hear that acceptance speech. “I’m in good company, those CRISPR lady Nobel winners are hot. I’d like to thank my father – the apple falls straight down. I’d like to thank my voluptuous daughter and her creepy husband. Special thanks to Bannon, Miller, the Waffen SS, and those wonderful press ladies – (gesturing at them in front row seats that they paid for themselves) aren’t they wonderful? You know I hand-picked them.” Yes we are aware.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Greg: “The apple falls straight down.” Nice.

    I suspect millions and millions of Americans very much miss having a berserko and his berserko minions at the helm. Life is so much more dramatic. Like spring break in Miami every day of the year.

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