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[Diane] Andrews and her friend Lee Jenkins, a hair stylist, said they joined the crowd “storming the Capitol” but insisted most protesters were peaceful and didn’t deserve to be charged. The women said they had considered entering the building too, but decided not to because they feared the tear gas would aggravate Jenkins’ asthma.

After they returned to Texas, Jenkins’ Twitter account was removed. FBI agents interviewed Andrews at her home several times, she said. Neither woman was charged.

Photos Andrews had posted online were circulated. Although Jenkins — whose business had just reopened after the pandemic lockdown — lost some liberal clients, she said she gained conservative ones, as did Andrews, who works as a dominatrix.

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2 Responses to “Scenes From the Inserection”

  1. Mondo Says:

    Well, I looked up Ms. Andrews’s um. . . professional page. Turns out she offers mobile services from a custom motor coach, and is even willing to park at local WalMarts.

    Kind of gives the idea of the “struggle bus” a new range of meaning.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    LOL! Mondo! Thank you – I hadn’t thought of simply looking her up… Her professional details are fantastic: thanks for sharing.

    … And… A parking lot? Aren’t there noise issues? I was suddenly reminded of the simulated disaster response event in DeLillo’s White Noise. The organizer’s instructions to the participants:

    ‘Victims, go limp. And remember you’re not here to scream or thrash about. We like a low-profile victim. This isn’t New York or L.A. Soft moans will suffice.’

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