Fully vaccinated, she nonetheless got it – probably on the plane she took last week to visit friends in Los Angeles. She has been isolating at super-trendy Andaz LA, and today felt well enough to sit by their pool, views of palmy West Hollywood all around her.

Recovery has been slow, but she seems to be getting there. Here she is, just out of the shower, sporting a brave smile.


UPDATE: She just tested negative!

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4 Responses to “La Kid Covidienne”

  1. Mondo Says:

    Glad she’s bouncing back smoothly. And really glad she was vaxxed. Yay, harm reduction!

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Mondo: Thanks – and indeed the phrase “harm reduction” became a kind of mantra for me as the week wore on.

  3. JND Says:

    Get well soon!

    Both my brother and my son are fully vaccinated, and both got COVID-19 in the last month.

    Both are very grateful to have been vaccinated.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    JND: Thank you – I’ll send your get well wishes to my daughter. She’s now back in DC, doing a lot of sleeping.

    And I hope your family members are also recovering quickly!

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