The highest paid public employee in Washington, the highest-profile person at the University of Washington, its big bad super macho football coach, shrinks at the sight of a needle. Refuses vaccination.

The governor’s after him. The university’s president is after him. The local press is giving him hell.

Plus he’s one big putrid bowl of putrid as a football coach.

Some on campus argue that three million dollars a year might find better uses than the care and maintenance of a needlephobe who can’t win football games.

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  1. JND Says:

    Well, hey! He’s taking it to the next level, right?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    JND: I like to watch Take It To the Limit as much as the next person — I mean, we’ll all miss Trump when his apoplexy gets the better of him – but sounds as though this university is wearying of its coach.

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