Professor Bright Sheng leaves one Cultural Revolution and enters another.





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4 Responses to “Out of the frying pan into the fryer.”

  1. ProtoSomething Says:

    I need my own Trigger Warning at the start of articles like this:

    “This article contains material that reflects conditioned fears with hyper-emotional responses to minor stimuli. The stupid is deep, so those possessing a capacity for thoughtful reflection and forbearance should read with an active appreciation for the absurd.”

  2. Jonathan Mayhew Says:

    Wow. First I thought that a “black face incident” would feature the professor himself in blackface, not a showing of a Lawrence Olivier movie. !! I’m sure many opera singers who are not Moors have done Verdi’s Otello, just as many actors have for Shakespeare’s play. Anyone would just know this after thinking about it for 2 seconds.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    ProtoSomething, Jonathan: I keep thinking that the mindless malice of each event like this one will finally be enough to give rational, humane people at universities a backbone. I keep thinking that the obscenity of what’s been set going at a school like Michigan will finally be enough. Notice, for instance, that in the school newspaper article this professor is compared to a UM professor under arrest for sexual assault.

    But no. Things get worse and worse.

  4. Stephen Karlson Says:

    The struggle session at Michigan is only beginning. Did y’all notice that the Music climate inquiry turned up a few cases of fishin’ off the company pier that didn’t end well.

    That famous “Music Lesson” painting clearly has to come with a content warning!

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