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If only it really were the end.


From Andrew Sullivan’s newsletter (no link).

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4 Responses to ““In the bitter end, he was just a man with a mob. Not a Republican. Not a politician. Not a president. Not a member of any political party but his own cult. A mindless, raging, bullying thug. The hearings have methodically and calmly revealed this, masterfully led by a Republican, Liz Cheney, through testimony supplied by Republican after Republican witness.””

  1. Matt McKeon Says:

    I’m afraid that Mr. Sullivan is a little optimistic about the Republicans of- 2022. Cheney and other anti Trump people seem like outliers, punished by the rest of the GOP. Their leaders, Cruz, Hawley, McConnell, McCarthy, either repeat the lie about the election being stolen, or are cravenly silent. It’s up to someone else to save the Republic.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Matt: I tend to agree. Though I sometimes wonder if the nihilistic rage that first surfaced as the Tea Party will in not too long a time redirect – as tends historically to be the case – against Trump himself. If we go by precedent (see Ceaușescu, Mussolini, Robespierre, others), the violent revolution Trump created will devour its own.

  3. Matt McKeon Says:

    If I could tell the future I wouldn’t be dressed like this, but Robespierre was replaced by a dictatorship, Mussolini was chased out by a foreign invasion, not by increasingly fanatical followers. When Trump leaves the stage, who replaces him? Not a milder version.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Matt: I suspect Trump will indeed be replaced by a milder version: Mike Pence.

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